Monday, March 23, 2009

Class Action Suit Against Best Buy

Look at what we have here - Class Action Suit Against Best Buy for allegedly violating it's "Price Match Policy" in New York. From the article:

Among the major revelations listed from evidence within the decision based on internal BB documents, depositions of current BB employees and declarations by two former BB employees are the following allegations:
  • Best Buy had an undisclosed Anti-Price Matching Policy
  • Corporate headquarters disseminated the anti-price matching policy to regional managers, store managers, assistant managers, and necessary store personnel
  • Best Buy taught its employees how to deny price match requests in its training facilities in New York
  • Best Buy provided financial bonuses based, in part, on denying proper price match requests
  • Best Buy denied more than 100 proper price match requests per store per week.
As much as I do not like Best Buy, I have not experienced this. I have had Best Buy price match more than a few items over the years. It could be that I'm in Los Angeles, the price match for each item was under $30 or that this is a new; but given my most recent experience at Best Buy (view previous rant) and previous related post, this does not surprise me.

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