Saturday, March 14, 2009

Walther P22 in My Possession!

Well, the 10-day waiting period is finally over and look at what I finally picked up!

That's right - the Walther P22 and all its goodies are finally in my possession! Here's what I got:

Here's a close-up of the P22.

As I stated before, this is my first handgun and hopefully not my last. I have my eye on the Walther P99 and figured the P22 would be a great first "training" gun. It feels good in my hand - not too big and not too small; the one magazine with the finger rest makes it even better. I'll have to see if I can get the finger rest plates for the other 3 magazines.

I plan to take a "Basic Handgun" course within the next few weeks to get the fundamentals down. Right now, I'm sitting on 450 rounds of .22lr for the P22 - 400 rounds of CCI Mini-Mag (for shooting at the range) and 50 rounds of CCI Stingers (for self defense). Of course, .22lr caliber doesn't have the "stopping power" that the bigger calibers do, but it will do...for now.


JAFO said...

OK, first off-- welcome to he ranks of those tat take responsibility for themselves, by way of a CCW permit and firearms training/ownership. Good on ya.

Secondly- I can't suggest strongly enough that you should carry something larger than a 22LR pistol. For that size, you can carry a 9mm Keltec P11. 9mm, while not the round I carry, puts MUCH more energy into the target than a 22. Also, a bigger hole, which is more capable of penetration and incapacitation of the target with good shot placement. Shot placement is key, but having more mass/diameter going into the target without coming out is equally key.

Whatever you end up carrying, the P22 will be a good training pistol. Shoot all day at the range for $5. Whatever you carry, train, train, train!!

WV: "tranni". Epigram of "trainin'". See, even blogspot agrees!

BakedPorkChopGuy said...


I will definitely be training with this and preparing for the next step up.

CCW permits are difficult (if not nearly impossible) to obtain in the county I reside. However, that won't stop me from protecting my home and loved ones. Like you said, you have to take responsibility for yourself!

JAFO said...


For a home defense weapon, I recommend a 410 shotgun with 00 buck, or a larger bore (12 gauge) with "tactical" (reduced recoil ie reduced powder charge) 00 buck.

Pick one up cheap at a pawn shop for $150 or so. Bring enough gun-- handguns aren't terribly effective at stopping people. Always bring a longgun if at all possible. If you live in an apartment take extra care not to pick something too big that's going to go through-and-through (the BG, the walls, the neighbors, etc).

Remember: you're responsible for EVERYTHING that comes out the barrel. I've had an AD- NOT fun!!