Monday, March 23, 2009

The Flirty Bus Driver from The Chronicles of Bus #10

When you take the bus, you inevitably meet all types of bus drivers. Here's how I've been classifying them so far:
  • Fast bus drivers - these drivers drive fast and change lanes often to get to the stops on time
  • Conservative bus drivers - these drivers are not concerned so much with speed but being safe (i.e., seldom change lanes)
  • Speedy Gonzalez bus drivers - these drivers are faster than the 'Fast bus drivers' and will run red lights
  • Nice bus drivers - these drivers are nice, will say 'Hello' when you step on the bus and will let you ride for free if s/he recognizes you as a regular passenger and you're either short on change or you forgot your bus pass
  • Mean bus drivers - these drivers don't want anything to do with you (they never say 'Hi' even if you say 'Hello' first), have a scowl on their face, and are generally unpleasant
Today, I came across a new type that I'm adding to the list - the Flirty bus driver. This bus driver is like the Nice bus driver, BUT he makes sure to really chat up the ladies when they get on the bus. You should have seen the driver this morning!

Bus #10 has a lot of passengers who are office workers and community college students. The bus driver said 'Hi' to everyone as you got on and 'Have a nice day' when you got off; but he had more to say to you if he thought you were attractive (i.e., pretty female). His comments weren't out of line or anything like that; but you do notice that he'd ask the ladies if they had a nice weekend or tell them that they look nice today.

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