Saturday, March 7, 2009

CCI Mini-Mag HP

According to the Walther Forums members, the ammunition of choice for the Walther P22 is the CCI Mini-Mag HP. We happened to pass by a Walmart and decided to drop in since some Walmarts do carry ammunition. I guess I got lucky because this store did have the CCI Mini-Mags on hand.

I bought the last 4 boxes on the shelf and now have a total of 400 rounds. This should last me a little while at the range! Each box was $6.47. The Mini-Mags are high-velocity, copper-plated hollow point rounds. They are 36 grain in weight and rated for 1260 feet per second (FPS).

Here's a short video I found on YouTube discussing ammunition for the Walther P22:

The clock is ticking down until I am officially allowed by the state of CA to pick-up my P22. I can't wait to try these with my pistol!

Update 4/11/09: Please view this post for a review of the CCI Mini-Mag and CCI Stinger with my Walther P22..

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