Monday, February 2, 2009

Rant: Best Buy

This rant is 2 months in the making, so bear with me.

In late Nov 2008, I go to the Best Buy in Glendale, CA to look at a HP netbook. I can't find the HP netbook on display, so I ask an associate for help. I'm quickly told, "the HP netbook is not on display, but it's just like the Asus" and the associate walks away.

Are you fucking kidding me? I'm looking to drop almost $500 and you can't even show me a display model/demo? How the hell can anyone make an informed buying decision with such a statement and customer service?

I wrote a complaint email to Best Buy customer support/service and they quickly apologize and tell me that they will send me a $50 credit/coupon for the inconvenience. I'm thinking great, I can use it to purchase the netbook. Two weeks later, I still don't have the credit/coupon so I write back to Best Buy.

Again, an apology that it is taking so long. Due to the volume of holiday inquiries, things are backed up and that I should get it b/w 2 to 4 weeks. That sounds perfectly legit, I'm reasonable (all my email complaints were professional, non-threatening and contain no foul language), so I wait patiently.

Four weeks pass and still no credit/coupon. I write again and get another apology. But this time, I'm also told that Best Buy needs to research the matter before anything can be done.

Well, it is now Feb 2009 and guess what? No fucking credit/coupon. I guess Best Buy decided it can screw me and renege on their promise. Were they emboldened because Circuit City is now out of business and they feel like they are the only game in town?

FUCK OFF, Best Buy! I tell you about my experience and you were the one who offered up the credit. I never asked for it. If you were/are going to renege on the offer, be responsible about it and say so.

Best Buy: You have lost yourself a loyal customer. I will never make your store my first choice when buying electronics and/or appliances. I still have Fry's, Walmart, Sears,, etc. to shop at before your store. If you treat others the same way you are treating me, you will go the way of Circuit City as well!

PS - I'm now shopping for a digital camera and Best Buy can kiss my ass. If I end up at a Best Buy store, it'll be to play with the digital cameras so I can buy it online.

End rant.

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