Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Additional Goodies for the Walther P22

As I slowly get myself acclimated to handgun ownership, I'm starting to pick up items here and there for the Walther P22. Over the past 2 weeks I've purchased the following:

I'm not going to conceal carry the P22, so I decided to get a plain holster that would fit the handgun with the attached laser. I picked it up from eBay for roughly $10. Now, if CA should ever decide that it would allow for open carry, I'm set. :-) (HA...like CA would ever allow for open carry.)

The A-Zoom Training Rounds have been a very useful tool. Rather than handle live ammunition inside the house, I can practice loading/unloading the magazines and simulate loading/chambering the P22. I picked them up at the local Turner's Outdoorsman for about $8.

The Gun Slick® Roll - up Cleaning Mat Kit I got from Amazon.com for roughly $25. I just figured that it would be easier to purchase a kit that had most of the items I would need to clean and keep my gun pristine. It's a nice little kit - it has most of the brushes and rods I'll probably ever need, cotton patches, a bottle of Gunslick Ultra Klenz Advanced Gun Cleaner, a bottle of Gunslick Ultra Lube Advanced Gun Oil, and a gun mat. The gun mat could be a bit thicker, but it should do.

The shooter's bag I got from a member of Calguns.net for $10. It's a small black bag that should hold more than enough ammunition for my purposes, has 6 outside pockets with velcro closures, and a shoulder strap. So far, I've been able to fit all my handgun items into it and still have room for more. It's a handy little bag.

The next item I would like to purchase is a gun safe. I don't like keeping the cable lock on the P22 and the gun case that came with the P22 isn't all that secure. I'm looking for gun safe that will hold 2 handguns as I have a standing agreement with the wife that I would own no more than 2 handguns. Any suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

open carry is legal in california.

unless there is a city ordinance against it. do a google search. there is a site dedicated to information about open carry in cali