Monday, March 2, 2009

Tech Support from "The Chronicles of Bus #10"

After much thought and discussion with the wife, I have decided to name all my bus postings under the title of "The Chronicles of Bus #10". Today, I bring you Tech Support from the Chronicles of Bus #10:

People do a lot of things on the bus. Some read, some listen to their iPod/MP3 player/CDs, some surf the net or text message on their cell phones, and some sleep. There is one woman on the bus that likes to make phone calls on the bus.

I've heard her talk to her friends, people at her office, bill collection agencies, etc. but today's call with Dell Tech Support was the best. I know you're probably asking why I'm eavesdropping, but one can't help it. When you're on the f'ing bus, it is LOUD. To have any chance of the other party hearing you, you almost have to yell into the phone. Even with my music on, you cannot help but hear this woman's conversation.

Her conversation with Dell Tech Support starts off with a negotiation on the cost of the call. She's trying to knock down the $29.99 cost in half by using the 'I've been a customer since 2006' line. Obviously, it doesn't work and she relents by agreeing to pay the full amount.

She then describes to the tech that her computer isn't working right. The computer is slow, sometimes it just restarts itself, etc. The tech then starts giving her directions and she furiously starts writing these instructions down. As she's writing, the tech must have stopped talking because she starts asking 'Hello? Are you still there?' The tech responded and she asks 'What do I do next?' Next thing I hear is her saying to the tech that she doesn't have the computer in front of her because she's on the bus and her computer is at home.

I surmise that the tech stopped talking because he was expecting the woman to try those instructions on her computer to see what happens. He must have advised her to call back when she's in front of her computer because she asks him for a direct number and his extension.

The kicker is she then retracts and says, 'Since I'm paying for this call, shouldn't you call me back when I'm in front of my computer?' She then proceeds to tell the tech to call her back in the evening when she is home. She also confirms that she should not be charged for another tech support call because it's not her fault she's not in front of her computer.

I don't know about you, but this was quite funny and I had a good chuckle. I wonder if other people call Tech Support while they are riding the bus? Feel free to share your favorite Tech Support stories in comments.

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