Monday, March 16, 2009

Best Buy Not Honoring Its Price Match Policy?

Some of you may have read my previous Best Buy rant and know that I have no love for them.

Well, I spotted this article on HD Guru and it looks like Best Buy is doing its best to deny their customers a price match when competitors are selling the same item for less. According to the article, Best Buy's "salesmen have been instructed by management to not honor its price match policies in order to increase the store’s profit margin."

Be prepared with the following (per the HD Guru article) to improve your chances of getting a price match:
  • Don’t have a competitor’s ad in your hand when entering the store. Produce it after you establish the store has the item in stock.
  • Don’t say you have been shopping around and know exactly what you want to purchase (the sales person may get suspicious of a price match and simply tell you the TV is out of stock). Do give the salesman a general idea of what type of HDTV you desire ( i.e. 46” LCD) and let salesperson suggest the HDTV you want to price match.
  • Don’t make a scene if you get murfed. It won’t accomplish anything. Simply leave and, if you desire, call the store’s corporate customer relations department. It may contact the store and tell it to honor the price match policy (because you complained).
  • Do ask the salesman if they offer extended warranties (even if you don’t want one) and inquire as to how many years coverage you can buy, because you want the longest protection you can buy (the salesman’s belief that you will be purchasing an extended warranty will motivate his manager to match the price.) You may purchase the warranty and cancel it at the checkout or the next day without penalty.
  • Indicate you will need cables and accessories and tell the salesman you want the best—more motivation for the salesman to get his manager to honor the price match.
We shouldn't have to go to these lengths to get Best Buy to abide to their own Price Match policy (which should be clearly stated at their return/customer service counter). It's time for us to vote with our wallets and shop at reputable stores that will treat their customers right!

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