Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Review: Walther America Customer Support

As some of you may remember from a previous post, my purchase of the Walther P22 came with 4 magazines. The mags were all in good shape with 3 of them having a flat base and 1 of them having the finger rest.

As it turns out, Walther had upgraded the mags over the years to resolve a feeding issue with the earlier ones. It so happened that one of my flat base mags is an earlier magazine that was prone to feeding issues. On a whim, I decided to call Walther America's Customer Support number (1-800-372-6454 ) to see if they would be willing to exchange the mag. (Note: Walther America is really Smith & Wesson. S&W is the official importer of Walther firearms in the US and handles all Walther inquiries and customer support issues.)

I spoke to a nice gentleman and explained to him why I was calling. He advised that it would not be an issue to replace the mag. He asked that I send the mag back to them with a note regarding the problem and they would replace it for me. I sent the mag back to Walther America with my letter. In the letter, I asked them to replace the mag and also asked if it would be possible to replace it with a finger rest magazine (as I preferred the finger rest mag over the flat base mag and both magazines were the same price).

I finally received the replacement magazine today...and guess what? Walther America did replace it with a finger rest mag!

A big thumbs up to Walther America's Customer Support!

PS - The mag does have a bit of shipping grease on the follower and spring. I'll need to clean it out prior to trying it out at the range. I wouldn't want any of the grease to get onto the rounds and possibly gunk up the barrel.

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