Saturday, April 11, 2009

Walther P99 Comes Home

Well, the 10-day wait is over and the Walther P99 is in my possession!

As I stated previously, it's a first generation 9mm P99 that was made in 2003. It has a black polymer frame with a titanium coated slide. It came with 3 backstraps (of which I'm currently using the smallest backstrap) and 4 10-round magazines. It's had about 1,500 rounds through it already, so there's probably no need for further break-in. The trigger is silky smooth and the barrel looks great. The only issue with the P99 is some black specking on the titanium finish. Per the WaltherForums, this is an issue with the titanium finish and the main reason why Walther discontinued it. The specks don't bother me as it has no impact on how the gun operates; however, I will keep my eye on it. If the specking develops elsewhere on the slide, I'll have to consider getting it refinished.

Anyways, getting the P99 was only the first step. Much like the rest of the country, ammunition has been hard to come by here in Los Angeles. When I picked up the P99, there was no 9mm on the shelf of the Turner's store where I did the private party transfer. I struck out at a few other stores as well such as Big 5 Sporting Goods and Walmart. I finally found a 50 round box of Federal Premium Tactical HST (at Martin Retting) to use as self defense ammo and a single box of Winchester White Box (at a Turner's) for the range. Hopefully, the WWB will be in supply soon as I plan on taking a few more of Greg Block's handgun courses using my P99 over the next few months.

One of the main items I liked about the P99 (besides its looks) is the Anti-Stress trigger system. It's quite unique and is a bit too complicated for me to explain properly. However, here's a helpful YouTube video that explains it quite nicely:

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Anonymous said...

I would be very grateful if you could tell me how you found the Walther P99 with the Silver Titanium coated slide. I have been searching online dealers and I only find the all black models.