Friday, April 17, 2009

Symantec Products for Free* from Fry's Electronics

If you are in need of an Internet security solution (antivirus & firewall), system utilities, and an imaging program for your household computers, look no further than this Fry's Electronics deal.

The package deal Fry's is selling for $70 includes:
You'll need to send in 2 rebates for $50 and $20 (respectively) and this package comes out as FREE.

I currently use NIS 2009 and have been happy with it. The daily micro updates of the virus definitions, the nearly automatic firewall, and website authentication with a Norton Toolbar in the browser have given me no reason to complain. It also seems to be much faster (performance wise) than the 2008 version. I didn't buy this particular package from Fry's, but I did get it for FREE (also after 2 rebates) from Staples earlier this year.

Shopping Tip: Never purchase your antivirus, firewall or computer utilities programs/applications at full price (unless you absolutely needed it that moment). Wait for the manufacturers to offer the multiple rebates so you can get it for FREE! Save the $40-$90 you would have had to spend on something else - like dinner and a movie with your significant other.

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