Sunday, February 8, 2009

Republik of Kalifornia's Handgun Safety Certificate

To those of you interested in purchasing a handgun in the Republik of Kalifornia, you are required by the Republik to obtain a Handgun Safety Certificate. You get the certificate by taking and passing a test at any licensed firearms dealer.

I took this test this weekend in preparation of owning my first handgun. With the Legislative and Executive branches of the US Gov't in firm Liberal hands, I thought it would be a good idea to secure my firearm before the Feds take that right away. :-) Alright, alright...I don't really think the Dems would be dumb enough to try that (and galvanize the Conservatives on the right), but an opportune time nonetheless as my wife finally agreed to let me buy a handgun! Woohoo! :-)

The test consists of 30 questions - True/False and Multiple Choice - and costs $25. I missed 2 questions on the test, but still passed. In fact, the Republik lets you miss up to 7 questions - 23 correct answers gets you a Certificate! Honestly, you would have to try really hard (or have NO common sense whatsoever) to fail the test. The only questions that would trip anyone up are those asking about the state's gun laws, such as how long a convicted felon is barred from owning a handgun.

I hope the Republik puts my $25 to good use. This test is more of an inconvenience and 'tax' than anything else. If you want to buy a handgun, make sure you're ready to pay $25 on top of the cost of the handgun you want to purchase. Oh...and if the test happens to stop a law-abiding resident from buying a handgun, I'm sure the Republik isn't crying over that.

PS - To get more information on the test (including a study guide), visit the California Office of the Attorney General's page on the Handgun Safety Certificate Program.

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