Friday, February 6, 2009

Buyer Beware:

A buyer beware warning to all you electronic gadget shoppers out there. If you purchase from and Amazon's price drops below what you paid, don't expect them to do a price adjustment for you any longer.

In the past I have purchased iPods, memory sticks/cards, etc. from and if their prices dropped within 2 weeks of the purchase, I would write them an email and they would do a price adjustment with no questions asked.

Well, this policy was changed in Sept 2008 and will no longer do price adjustments once the purchase has been made. Depending on the amount of the price drop, you could always return your purchase and repurchase it, but that is up to you. Or if your item has not yet shipped, cancel it and buy it again.

I still love the fact that Amazon offers free shipping and no sales tax (for the Republik of Kalifornia), but doing away with price adjustments for products purchased within 2 weeks seems like a bad decision to me. just lost a competitive advantage (or feature parity with the brick-and-mortar's depending on your point of view).

I found out about this policy change the hard way, so here's hoping this post helps you out.

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