Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Job and New Stories

Well, I started the new job this week and so far so good. My department is putting me through orientation/training to get me familiar on the products we sell, the processing we do to make the product happen, and the pre-sale activities we perform for customers who call before purchasing.

Next week, I'll be getting all the metrics of the business. You have no idea how happy I am to be at a place where they use metrics to run the business. I can't wait to dig into the KPIs, to understand what levers to pull to drive more business, etc. It's a far cry from my previous employer where no one was interested in driving more business, optimizing the website, etc. to make more money.

I'm still taking public transportation with my new job; however, I'm no longer taking the Big Blue Bus #10. As such, I here-by retire "The Chronicles of Bus #10"...and will be replacing it with the "Red Line Chronicles".

I've already got a few stories for the Red Line Chronicles, so stay tuned!

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