Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Run by a Bunch of Monkeys

Seriously our government (Federal, State and Local) run by a bunch of monkeys? Or are we the monkeys for letting a small group of people (with NO common sense) ruin our cities, the states and the nation?

No State Tax Refunds

If you overpaid on your taxes, you should get your refund! Period...end of story. But that isn't the case in the Republik of Kalifornia. Our legislators just want to spend spend spend and is loathe to make any changes to the Republik's budget to face the reality that spending cuts are needed.

At a time when the individual taxpayers need the refunds, our legislators just don't get it. Prioritize the fucking items that need to be funded; then start cutting (i.e., stop funding) the items that either don't make the list or are on the bottom of the list until the budget is balanced.

Oh....and since we are in a financial mess, DO NOT raise our taxes because you are unable or unwilling to make the hard choices. If you cannot do your job, step down and let someone more capable do it.

PS - Don't even get me started on the bailout the Feds are giving to the banks...not to also mention the government is even contemplating reducing the principal for people who cannot afford their mortgage payments.

End of rant.

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